• Celebrating Our Students – from Rev. Welch


    Dear Friends and Members of the United Church of Norman-UCC

    This Sunday we’ll be celebrating Promotion Sunday. While no one is graduating in our church this year, we have a number of students who are finishing their year in school and anticipating a new grade level this fall. This Sunday’s service will be celebrating that fact. I thought for my midweek reflection, it would be worth sharing part of a column reflecting on how education and learning can under-gird one’s faith:

    Psalm 24:1 “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” I take that to mean that there is no area of study and no area of knowledge that does not add to our understanding of the world. And if this is God’s world, then an increased understanding of the world means a more adequate basis from which we can come to understand God better.

    When I was a freshman in Montana, I had many groups warn me about a humanities professor who taught the Bible as literature. I was told that she would rob my faith. I’m glad I ignored their advice, as I gained new ways of reading and appreciating the Bible when I took her class. I also learned that I didn’t have to fear other certain classes. From biology to literature to philosophy, I didn’t have to create a wall of demarcation to separate my faith from what I was learning. Nor did I have to avoid classes or subjects to protect my faith.

    It’s only by fully engaging your classes – including your general education courses – that you’ll be in a position to learn from them. As you learn more, of course, your ideas will change, including your ideas about faith. As your ideas shift, they will become more your own and not simply what you inherited from your family and childhood. They will have a deeper foundation as a result. Finding communities that support your changing ideas and your educational process is important.

    Now some will say, quite rightly, that this is what college is all about. But they seem to imply by the assertion that such a process ends after college. I pray that is not the case for you. The philosopher John Dewey once said “education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.” What you are engaged with in college, then, is not a stage, or something you do to get yourself set up for life. It is your life. It sets up patterns by which you will engage life that will last far beyond college. By embracing your time and education, you are embracing God’s world and the possibilities that mark your life.

    Rev. Dwight Welch



    Church Events

    May 21st Sunday
    Adult ed at 9:45 a.m The contours of progressive Islam is explored and how it can inform progressive Christianity.

    After church at 12:00 p.m Adult Education committee will meet to discuss our programming into the summer as well as Vacation Bible School.

    May 28th Sunday
    Adult ed at 9: 45 a.m Criminal Justice Reform, the urgency of now.

    After church at 12:00 p.m Social Justice committee will meet to discuss the Peace and Justice activities this summer and OKC Pride.

    June 4th Sunday
    Conversation Sunday will be focused on Transgender Faith with a shared potluck and discussion.


    Book Club May 22nd

    We’re discussing the new novel by Anthony Doerr at Nancy Logan’s home 3200 Summit Bend at 7pm.



    Food and Shelter Needs

    Resident and Shelter Needs include soap, cleaning supplies, furniture, diapers. Kitchen Needs are dry sealed  foods. Care Packets for the homeless include deodorant, self care products, snack foods



    A New Recycling Box

    Given the number of paper products we use for our morning gatherings and conversation box the Social Justice committee has set up a recycling box to discard those items. Look for it on Sundays!

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