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" I'm embarrassed to say:. nfl jerseys china " I kind of men can answer, God knows the heart has died. Start small two autistic little bit afraid of life, then I have to take care of adding it to the rice sheets saliva or mouth, and finally can not stand my sugar-coated bullets, then with nothing gallant I gradually conversational. nfl jerseys from china "Ah, this is my home and you finally woke up, feeling a little better yet?" I pointed to hurt her head, the girl touched me to help her bundle of bandages, bewildered. Finally returned to the road past the screen, pedestrians twos quickly pass. Indeed twelve. "You scared me, you!" I patted her breast, in shock." My voice is very light as possible, but she kept at me, waved, motioning me not to come near she: "no, I beg you, do not come, do not come near me. She wrote at rub, I saw a blood-red on the back of the hand - all the blood.

" "Ah. . wholesale nfl jerseys china Head that lit blood red light, I felt the sense of an indefinable Road, unknown - you say, this look like a wildfire red ah? I'm paranoid look back desolately cold road reminds me of Chang Jian poem: Song Lu occasion micro months, glaucoma still King. I feel at ease in the study continue to write something, and occasionally ran to see her deep sleep, still lying in the original position, almost never moving over the body. Pitt rose tenderness lotus, tears blush opposing oblique posted on Irene crescent, curved ring is the -. "No wonder it, beware of cutting the body, not a good look at your face, lips white, I think you should go see a doctor is better. - Blood from the back of her head, the whole pillow all wet with blood. I flipped through the snow came back to buy things, and finally did not speak.

"Leaf!" "Ah? Oh, oh, I'm back! Yes, no, nothing. cheap nfl jerseys china "It's just the story, are largely derived from the author's fiction, we are experiencing is the reality, the reality is always more terrible!" I mean it - are derived from the author's fiction? If you want no matter the genuineness happened, I get out of it fiction? She opened the book and wrote at the title page, the eyes of a lag, and finally the top graceful fonts read out: "DEAR, I wish you a very happy birthday and happy 2007 month twenty-nine . of course, if you want to go to the hospital to see also, after all, where a more comprehensive examination of these well-equipped." I forgot the fear, but suddenly she noticed a large change my shirt, white shirt like a skirt down to her thighs, emerged as two lotus ships legs. Just do not know how to do when her eye up one eyelids a cover, the body slowly out of balance, "the boron!" - In front of me, she fell on the asphalt! I was shocked Rao, Yuekai several steps backward, like a little counseling. I find a new pillow to help her put on, standing at the window deeply exhaled a long breath, feeling tired, a little time has almost. I weave back cool autumn day and night temperature difference is relatively large, especially in the morning when most people are cool infiltration. knitted brows knitted brows like "sad alone had a chance, I was shocked, girl I did not even know when Shunshundangdang sitting in the other corner of the sofa and looked at me.

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