Adult Education: Schedule for Old Testament Program with Amy Jill Levine, Spring 2019

Writings that Form the Spiritual Bedrock for Millions

Even if you know the Old Testament well, you will find it enlightening to hear Professor Levine discuss how it appears against the larger background of the ancient Near East as revealed by research in archaeology, cross-cultural studies, and comparative religion.

Even were one to argue that the text is divinely inspired or dictated by God, one might still want to know as much as possible about the particulars: Why these words? Why this order? Why this social context? Why this translation?

Although she focuses on historical and literary issues, Professor Levine also provides thoughtful reflections and useful information on the religious questions that arise from these sacred texts, and the lectures do not avoid raising issues of religious concern.

The goal of an academic course in biblical studies, she maintains, is not to undermine religious faith, but to use the best available knowledge and research to give believers richer insight into the writings that form their spiritual bedrock.

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Below are the dates for 2019 and the respective topics that will be discussed Sundays at 5:10pm in our Fellowship Hall for class.

The Jacob Saga17-Mar
Folklore Anaysis and Type Scenes24-Mar
Conversation Sunday31-Mar
Moses and Exodus7-Apr
The God of Isreal14-Apr
Covenant and Law Part 128-Apr
Covenant and Law Part 25-May
Mother’s Day12-May
The “Conquest”19-May